Conversation with an Destination Wedding planned on Oahu
Hi Blue Hawaii Weddings this is Karen I would love your help to get
Married in Hawaii.
So after talking to you about the flowers and
florist in Oahu
and what sort of flowers would be available at the time given that flowers go in seasons, i came across this bouquet..... although finding out what type of leaves these are may be tough we can always trade them out for other leaves that you have in Hawaii that look just as great in the bouquet. I figured being the Green orchid it may be easier for your florist to obtain and create. I think i would base my flowers off of this bouquet as well but i would add the cream colored orchids to my bouquet and maybe a splash of color in another orchid if we found something that would go considering the color of the girls dresses.
I will forward an email to you of the dress ASAP as i know you had asked for one before.
Well let me know what you think if this is possible. Thanks

Aloha and Welcome!

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I just love the Garnet red thats on the lip of the orchids
where can i find info about ordering these
please go to and click on the orchid links

Bouquet for the bride / larger bouquet  cymbidiam / // white with green

tie wrapped bound  Cut short

for the girls some ribbom hanfing doewn


Bridesmaid green orchids
with tied Cream or black


Hi  so i finally got around to transferring the pictures of the bouquets
i would want not only for me but for the girls too.  In this email i will
send you my bouquet and then in another email i will send you the girls.
    With my bouquet i am sending two pictures i want the pinkish colored
flower to be put into the green and white colored bouquet.  and i would like
it to be the same size of the green bouquet or bigger if you include the
pink flowers but this is exactly what i would LOVE to have as my bouquet
hope you can do this.
   Thank you so much -Karen

bring sample of the flowers ///

Cream colored orchid for the brides dendrium

Hi Blue Hawaii weddings i am sorry that the picture that i sent previously of the cake
never came through to you so hopefully this one will work this time.  Just
one thing with the cake i had mentioned before that i wanted the actual
icing/frosting to be red and then have the detailing of the henna be cream
but i am now thinking i may go with a green color instead of the red and im
not sure as to what shade of green.  The reception tables are going to have
i believe cream table cloth's with sage colored napkins so i have to figure
out the exact shade of sage and get that back to you .... not sure if i will
make the cake that color either ..... i will shop around and find the
perfect green and let you know what i want ... Do you know about the Kahala Resort or any other hotels that you recommend
on the island of Oahu
yes please check out this
Hawaii hotel information
     Talk to you soon   -Karen


Hi Blue Hawaii Weddings ok so this is the bridesmaids bouquet that i am wanting and this
is the flower that i have absolutely have no idea what it is so if you can
let me know when the florist figures it out that would be terrific as my
bridesmaids are wanting to know and so am i for that fact :) I would also
like to have the green leaves at the bottom .
   Thanks again -Karen

ok so i found the cake that we would want ours to look like but instead of
having the 3 layers i know that we only get the one which is fine but can we
still get this design?  We dont want to have these same colors either are we
able to make the fondue (brown) part cream colored instead and then have the
actual henna style on top be a deep garnet colored red.  this red color is
the color of the bridesmaid dresses and my dress is ivory with a cream
almost champagne color detailing so i guess would you like me to send you a
sample of the colors if i am able to find them and email them to you?
   Let me know if there is anything i can do to make this easier for you.
   Thanks again -Karen

Hi My wedding coordinator at Blue Hawaii Weddings, sorry to bug you again but i am just wondering about the hair and
makeup aspect of the getting ready part for the wedding.  Do you have a
website or phone number for the 3 ladies that you like to deal with (the
ones who do the hair and make-up for the movies) and others that you deal
with besides those 3.  i would greatly appreciate it if you can send that
information to me as well so that i can make a reservation for them too. 
Thanks again.

Hi Paul this is Karen, Nick and i have gone through the options that you
list for the ministers to do the ceremony for us and we have chosen the
following three:  Rev. Lesch, Rev. John  Bullock, and Rev. Chris Cain.  If
you could send me some more information about them i would greatly
appreciate it, or if they have telephone numbers where we can call them and
talk to them that would work too.  Thank you so much -Karen

Yes please go to this link about Hair and Make up artist on Oahu
and call them directly

Aloha  its Karenagain , i was looking at the website that you have set up for
our wedding and i was just going over the package and noticed that next to
the "minister" it had Rev. Lesch's name and he is deff. who we want to go
with but my question is .... does this mean that we have him for that day
for sure? if so this is terrific and i figured if you had written his name
next to the minister part that it meant that he is going to perform the
ceremony for us but i was just wondering if you could provide more in on
hawaii  ministers.   Thanks -karen

 here is a list of some more ministers on Maui 
hawaii  ministers.

Hi Blue Hawaii  i understand that my mother emailed you about how to pay for the
site.  She emailed me back and said that you called her and that when she
talked to you about how to pay for the site you had mentioned that you would
get in touch with the Kahala and have them send her a contract.  We ( nick
and i ) already were sent a contract for both the reception hall and the
gazebo and we put a deposit down for both of them.  Im sure my mum didnt
explain her question very well as she tends to make it hard for others to
understand sometimes as to what exactly she is asking.
  I had mentioned to her that when i met with you, you had said that if we
wanted to pay you XXXXX for the gazebo site that you would pay the other
750 and that you would also then in turn, turn around and pay the Kahala for
full XXXXX for the site fee. Anyway this is what she was probably trying
to ask you.
   Anyway i told her not to worry about it that i will get into contact with
the Kahala ( Mai the Caterer / entertainment manager ) and figure out how
and where to pay them directly instead of trying to pay them through you
this way it will be simpler and not such a mess.
   Sorry for the confusion.  -Karen


   Hi this is Karen, my Fiancé Nick and i are getting married at the
Kahala Oriental Mandarin Hotel on October 10th of 2006. i have talked with
you and emailed you a couple of times before hand.  I was wondering if you
have the time to meet with me for about 15 minutes to a half hour on Friday
the 16th.  I am going to be in Hawaii from the 9th through to the 16th of
this month (Dec.), but the only day i am going to be on Oahu is that Friday
the 16th, if there is any chance that i would be able to meet with you
possibly at the hotel so that you can show us around the place that would be
wonderful but if not i understand you probably have a wedding that day and i
dont want to take your time away from the couples day.
   i am not sure if my cell phone will work when i am there ( 608-513-6431)
but i will have your number and will call you as soon as i get the chance. 
I would love to meet with you and hope to see you soon.  thank you -Karen


   Then the other question is, is the Diamond Head gazebo walking distance
from the hotel or do we need a limo to pick us up and drive us to the
location on the hotel property? 
Yes its walking distance right in the hotel

From my understanding it is actually
walking distance but i am known to be wrong.
  Would greatly appreciate it if you could get back to me thank you -Karen

Hi this is Karen .  Anyway i
just wanted to update you on some of the information on the wedding party. 
My bridesmaid who i originally had, isn't able to make the trip to Hawaii with
us and so i have asked another friend to be the bridesmaid in her place. 
Anyway previous bridesmaid was Kristine and the new bridesmaid is Terry
Marks.  I couldn't remember if i had given you that information to put on the
website but i know that you had asked about it and i somewhere along the
lines i gave you that info.
   Well thank y ou for your time i just wanted to update you on the info as
like i said i know that you had asked about it.  I talked to my mother about
having a 3 way call with you and we will have to set up a time that is good
with all 3 of us, But i will let you know when that will be soon.  I
appreciate everything that you have done for us so far and look forward to
working with you more.

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